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How to choose the right gaming mouse
A good gaming mouse does not have to be expensive – as long as you know what parameters to pay attention to when deciding to buy it.
perfect Gaming mouse
Playing PC games is your passion, and you would like to raise the level of your skills? A properly selected gaming mouse will definitely help you with this. A calibrated mouse will help you react faster both in multiplayer and against bots. And more importantly, the right gaming mouse does not have to be expensive. All you have to do is pay attention to specific parameters when buying it.
How to choose the right gaming mouse?
What elements add value to the chosen gaming mouse? Certainly one of them is the shape of the mouse, matched to the size of your hand. A properly selected model will be comfortable and convenient to use. A laser or optical mouse requires analysis in terms of aspects such as:
  • resolution – its value should not be less than 1800 DPI;
  • base – especially recommended on Teflon sliders, which guarantees the stabilization of the mouse during the game;
  • function buttons – the optimal number of function buttons for a player is a minimum of five;
  • sensor – optical or laser, choice depends on your budget.

Gaming mice are often equipped with various accessories, such as LED backlight, which is not a condition, but an optional solution. The right gaming mouse should be responsive. The high-quality optical sensor will help you achieve the results you want in the game. Other models are also available on the market, such as a wireless gaming mouse – devices pairing via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth cost a little more than mice connected via a cable. The advantage of the latter, however, is that they exclude the possibility of signal delay, so it is worth considering both options, depending on your personal preferences.

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