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Optimize laptop's gaming performance
Do you wonder how to optimize laptop’s gaming performance? Learn the Optimus technique that allows you to maximize the performance of your laptop and achieve high scores in the game!
How to optimize laptop’s gaming performance?
Nvidia Optimus allows you to maximize the power of your laptop and is the most popular energy saving technique in this type of device. It allows you to automatically switch between energy-saving and efficient modes, resulting in a significant increase in laptop performance, extending its operating time on battery power. Optimus is such a convenient technique that it does not require the player to manually switch between the image integrated with the CPU and the one generated by the dedicated Nvidia GPU. If your laptop does not have the option to enable Optimus, there are workarounds that only allow you to use the dedicated layout. By the way, GPUs finally getting cheaper, so if you haven’t found a GPU that meets your gaming requirements, maybe now is the best time to catch up?
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