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GPUs finally getting cheaper 2022
For several months now, a clear decline in the prices of graphics cards has been observed on the market. What is the reason for this and what do cryptocurrencies have to do with it? These and other topics you will find in today’s blog post. Enjoy reading!
GPUs finally getting cheaper
With the beginning of the new year, there were indications of a significant decrease in retail prices of graphics cards and their increased availability on the market. The reason was a reduction in cryptocurrency prices, resulting in fewer orders from cryptocurrency miners. As a result, graphics cards were to hit retail stores in greater quantities and at a lower price.
According to the analysis of GPU prices on eBay, in March there was a drop in prices by as much as a dozen or so percent. Unfortunately, these are still not the prices proposed by the producers. This is because many stores display goods at a much higher amount. How long will this situation continue? All indications are that with the declining demand for graphics cards from miners, their prices will continue to fall, private stores may start sales, cutting the margin for fear of unsold products.
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