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What are cookies and should I delete them?
Browsing the internet, you have certainly come across the concept of cookies. Find out what cookies are and why you should to delete them.
What are cookies?
Cookies collect information on the use of a site in order to improve it, and personalize advertisements for a specific user. Cookies identify the computer of the website visitor, without combining the collected information with any private data. They do not pose a threat – data is not published or shared anywhere; they are used only for the purposes of improving the website and personalizing the content of advertisements.
why should i delete cookies?
Wondering how to delete cookies? It’s simple – just delete them from your browser settings. Depending on the type of web browser, there are a few steps you need to take to completely clear cookies. Why you should to delete cookies if they do not pose any risk? There is one reason – cookies simply take up space on your computer’s hard drive. Cleaning them regularly will keep your appliance operating at its best.
DON’T KNOW how to delete cookies by yourself?
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