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3 ways to extend your laptop battery life

Should you cover your laptop camera? Is there any risk of not covering the webcam? Well, it is. Learn why and how to avoid it!

Why you should cover your laptop camera?
Almost every hacker can break into our computer and capture the image recorded by the webcam on the laptop. Having such access, the cybercriminal can take photos or record videos of you, and then use these images for various purposes, including extorting money on the pretext of publishing the captured image on the web. Although the likelihood of falling victim to such an attack is minimal, many users prefer to take care of their privacy in advance.
Covering laptop camera protects your personal data. There is no secret that covered webcam is the simplest way to provide safety on the Internet. Even if you are using secure sites and your computer is not directly exposed to threats in everyday use, it is much easier to prevent hacker attacks than to combat their effects. Learn to recognize risks and find out the typical 5 signs your computer has a virus. The faster you will identify it, the easier it will be to get rid of it and secure your personal data by deleting the virus from your computer.


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