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5 signs your computer has a virus

Do you know how to recognize if your computer is infected by a virus? To make it easier, we listed typical signs that your PC might be controlled by a malware.


5 signs your computer has a virus
There are few typical signs which can point to infected computer. However, it’s not easy to recognize every virus. There are a lot of types of malware, sometime you might not even notice that your PC is controlled by another application.
To increase safety of your personal data, we listed typical 5 signs of infected computer down below:
  • PC running way slow – the most common sign of infected computer by a virus is slow operating. Does your PC have difficulty with doing even the simplest task? It might be a sign that malware has taken control of the system.
  • Internet connection fails – in some cases, computer virus can weaken your internet connection. You may notice it when data transfer speed slows down.
  • Randomly shutting down – it is not a good sign when your computer randomly
    shuts down and progress of your work is lost forever. You need to take action fast. Do the backup and save all of your files.
  • Lack of space on hard drive – if your hard drive space significantly decreased, it might be caused by a malware. Check out if there is no missing any of your file. Some viruses fill up the free disk space in order to slow down the device and cause a crash.
  • Popping up ads – have you noticed any randomly popping up ads? It might be very frustrating to closing all ads in the windows all the time. Remember to be careful when downloading any files to your computer and clicking pop-ups.

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