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How to check if someone is spying on your computer
Unfortunately, with the advancement of technology, the popularity of spyware has increased. Find out how to check if someone is spying on your computer.
What can spyware do?
Have you noticed disturbing signals on your computer lately? Be careful – there may be a potential threat to your personal data. Spyware can access information about your browser history, sent messages, photos, and all data on your computer.
How to check if someone is spying on your computer?
Fortunately, there is an easy way to check for spyware on your computer. It is enough to press the key combination: Ctrl + Shift + Left Alt, and then enter the following numbers: right Alt, O, W, T, S, N, each button of which identifies a different spyware. If at any point of pressing a single button a window with the logo appears, it means that your computer is being spied on.
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