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3 ways to extend your laptop battery life

Long life of your laptop battery might be invaluable when it comes to remote work. To be sure, that it will serve you for a long time, check out these few tips for everyday use.


3 ways to extend your laptop battery life
If we talk about statistics, an average laptop battery can run from one to six hours without electricity connection. What you can do to extend your laptop battery life? Discover and introduce these 3 tips into your daily device using and see how your laptop battery life will increase.
  • Optimization
    Firstly what you can do is to reduce your computer screen brightness. Believe us or not, but it can really extend your laptop battery life by saving energy amount what will result in more efficiency of your device.
  • Battery settings
    Check out the efficiency battery settings. You should find there a saving energy option while doing simple tasks on your device. Turning saving battery settings on is one of the most common ways to extend your laptop battery life.
  • Background applications
    Background running applications can really consume the energy resources of the laptop battery, so it is important to regular shutting them down.  Make sure that there is no application running in the background which consumes significantly more energy than other applications.

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