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What is thermal tape and how it helps your CPU?

Most PC cases use fans to ensure proper CPU temperature management. Unfortunately, this can result in excessive fan noise and energy consumption. This is where thermal tapes come in – they help to improve CPU temperature management without degrading its functionality.

What is thermal tape?

Thermally conductive tapes are used to dissipate heat from processors. They are usually made of aluminum and iron. These metals have good thermal conductivity, strength and corrosion resistance. Thermally conductive tapes are also used on processors in such a way as to cover the entire surface. This allows excess heat to escape from the CPU while allowing the die to cool naturally. This prevents the processor from overheating and reduces the risk of damage.

Thermally conductive tapes are a simple way to improve your CPU’s thermal performance without costly fans or power sources. Consumers can also save on CPU cooling costs.

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