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How to Secure Your PC 4 Tips
There is a risk of data loss when using the Internet. We don’t think about it on a daily basis, but it is worth properly securing your files against a potential cyber attack.
How to Secure Your PC? 4 Tips
As technology advances, hackers unfortunately also maximize the ways in which they extort personal information from our computers. How to counteract it? We have decided to collect below 4 tips that will help you secure your computer.
  • Use a VPN – encrypt your internet connection with a VPN that creates a kind of security tunnel for your data between your computer and the internet. This is the most secure type of connection.
  • Store data in the cloud – choose only proven server providers that enable online data storage in the so-called cloud. Only in this way will you avoid possible threats from unverified sources.
  • Use two-factor verification – it’s not only important, but necessary. Two-factor verification will allow you to exclude possible threats and attempts of phishing data or the loss of, for example, your e-mail account.
  • Keep smart home smart – virtual assistants in the form of home software store valuable information that can become the target of cyber attacks. To avoid them, I remember to encrypt my home network and install anti-virus software.
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