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Computer Facts That Might Shock You

We use computers for nearly EVERYTHING.  If we aren’t on one, we utilize machines, software and appliances armed with their own mini-computer components.  While it may make life a lot easier, computers didn’t just appear overnight.  In fact, they’ve had a colorful history and continue to hold secrets we have never truly known.

For this Fun Fact Friday, join us as we dive into some crazy computer facts that just might shock you!

  • The first computer weighed MORE than 27 tons.  That’s roughly four and a half times heavier than an elephant!  That first computer also took up around 1800 square feet – talk about massive!
  • The first computer mouse was made of wood.  It was invented in 1964.  Watch out for splinters!
  • Apple, Microsoft and HP all started out of garages.
  • The parts needed for a computer were invented in 1833.  Charles Babbage was the one who sorted it out but the modern computer didn’t appear on the scene until 120 years later.
  • The first gigabyte drive released in 1980 cost $40,000 and weighed 550 pounds.  Nowadays you can get a portable one that weighs a pound and costs $50.  Can’t exactly carry the 550 pound one around huh?
  • Russia engineered a computer in 1936 that actually ran on water.  It was intended to solve partial differential equations which are common in fields such as physics and engineering.
  • 90% of the worlds currency exists ONLY on computers.  This means the cold, hard cash flying around is ONLY 10% of what is actually out there!
  • For a full eight years, the password for computer controls of United States nuclear tipped missiles was 00000000.  I feel like someone didn’t understand the “strong password required” concept.
  • TYPEWRITER is the longest word you can type out using only ONE single row on your keyboard.  Go ahead and try it out.  We’ll wait.
  • Windows was originally called Interface Manager.  Definitely NOT as cool.
  • John Lasseter was fired from Disney for heavily pushing the use of computer animation.  He is now the CCO of Pixar.  Hey, even the mouse makes mistakes.

Did you know some of these crazy computer facts?  They definitely make for some great ice-breakers at your next get together!

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