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KOMPUTERY Computer Repair

Computer repair can be a sore subject for many.

It’s frustrating when technology fails and leaves us stranded.  For some, it can be confusing and overwhelming.  Do-It-Yourself is an option but without proper experience, it can end up creating more issues or causing the loss of your data.  Instead of letting a broken computer or malfunctioning system bring you down, conquer it with a reputable repair professional near you!

KOMPUTERY Computer Repair offers many services when it comes to computers and other mobile devices.  From essential repairs and maintenance to custom builds and software development, our technicians can help you achieve your goals without breaking the bank.  With fast, efficient service from trained professionals with over 20 years in the computer technology and software fields, your device has never been in better hands.

Sometimes you simply need basic repair or maintenance to keep your machines running at optimal levels.  Here are a few of the basic services offered at KOMPUTERY:

  • Cleaning of Windows & Mac Systems
  • Advanced Cleaning (WITHOUT Removing Apps & Files)
  • Driver Installation
  • Updates for Windows & Mac Systems
  • Data Backup (Photos, Documents, Videos, Music, Etc.)
  • Data Recovery (from Deleted or Damaged Hard Drives)
  • Virus / Trojan Removal
  • System Registry Clean Up
  • Password Recovery
  • Increased Computer Speed
  • Installation of Multi-Language Programs (English, Polish, Etc.)
  • And Much More!

Don’t let a slow, frozen or broken computer or system get you down.  Our KOMPUTERY techs can quickly assess and isolate the issue to present the best repair options possible for your approval.  Limit the risk associated with DIY and reduce the time you’re without a properly functioning system by calling the computer repair professionals today!

To have your computer repaired or to ask about virus protection, please contact KOMPUTERY Computer Repair today!

English Number:  708.667.4195

Polish Number:  708.667.4201   

Check Out Our English Site:  gocomputerrepair.com

Check Out Our Polish Site:  czystykomputer.com

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