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Symptoms of processor failure

Do you know how to spot common symptoms of CPU failure?


To start with, damage is rare, but when it does, the following signals can occur:

  • no image on the monitor,
  • frequent overheating until the computer is turned off, despite a properly
  • installed cooling system,
  • memory support problems in the case of AMD K8 series and newer processors and Intel core-i,
  • system errors (blue screens, freezes, screen freeze, etc.),
  • graphics problems with Intel Core-i processors,
  • slow operation of the operating system
  • high CPU temperatures,
  • CPU power supply problem,
  • BIOS errors.

There can be many more symptoms of a damaged processor. However, when something of the above signals, consultation with a computer repair specialist is recommended to help you make the correct diagnosis. Use the help of experts and contact us – computer repair is our specialty.


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