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3 Ways to Backup Your Data
Information stored on our computers is safe until it falls into the wrong hands. Learn how to protect your data and what a data backup has to do with it.
3 Ways to Backup Your Data
Not only a cyberattack can pose a potential threat to your data. Their damage may occur as a result of, for example, spilling a drink on your PC, and your system will be damaged. Data backup will help to effectively protect your personal data. The methods below allow you to view your photos or other files without any restrictions. Learn 3 ways to backup your data:
  • USB Flash

This solution allows for smaller data storage. The capacity of the USB stick varies from 128 MB to 256 MB. While not much, it may become an option enough for some.

  • HDDs i SSDs

Both hard drives disks (HDD) and solid-state drives (SSDs) allow for fast data transfer, but it is worth emphasizing that SSDs are faster and consume less device energy. However, HDDs are cheaper and in relation to the price / quality ratio they perform quite well. Both of these storage options are popular data storage options.

  • Cloud Backup

An alternative to physical storage is cloud-based file storage, including online backup. A convenient solution thanks to which our data will remain secured on the server with high-quality encryption.

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