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Advanced Computer Repair

Sometimes simple repairs and basic maintenance aren’t enough.  Computers can be finicky and encounter issues for so many different reasons outside of user error.  Whether it’s a virus infiltrating the system, fragmented files, software degradation and more, there’s many reasons why your computer might be sick.

Luckily, trained computer repair specialists are skilled at isolating complex issues and presenting the most efficient solutions.

At KOMPUTERY Computer Repair, we strive to provide amazing customer service and get your devices back up and running at optimal levels as quickly as possible.  When it comes to even the most intricate problems and newest technology, our computer repair techs can handle it all.  Just like most things in life, an issue might take more focus and patience to rectify and our KOMPUTERY technicians utilize their keen industry knowledge and innovative solutions to wrangle even the most complicated of computer problems.

When the simplest solutions just won’t do, KOMPUTERY Computer Repair pros use advanced repair techniques to bring your device back to peak performance.  Here are a few advanced system repair solutions we offer:

  • Deep Diagnostics
  • Individual Component Diagnostics
  • Replacing or Repairing Motherboard
  • Replacing Hard Drive
  • RAM & Graphics
  • Power Related Repairs
  • Battery Replacement
  • Power Ports Replacement
  • Replacing LCD or Touchscreens
  • Housing Repair
  • Keyboard Replacement
  • CPU Thermal Paste Replacement
  • Cleaning or Replacing Fans
  • Hard Disk Cloning & Performance Analysis
  • Updating & Programming the BIOS System
  • And Much, Much More!

Since 1994, KOMPUTERY Computer Repair has serviced every kind of mobile device in the Chicagoland area.  With our vast experience in the computer technology and software fields, we deliver amazing, high quality solutions for all of your computer and mobile device needs.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the newest technology or the most mangled problems, our experts can sort it out and present the best options for the health and safety of your computer.

To have your computer repaired or to ask about virus protection, please contact KOMPUTERY Computer Repair today!

English Number:  708.667.4195

Polish Number:  708.667.4201   

Check Out Our English Site:  gocomputerrepair.com

Check Out Our Polish Site:  czystykomputer.com

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