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Signs You Need Professional Computer Repair

Computers don’t last a life-time.  They simply aren’t built to.  With vast increases in software and technology, it can be hard for a computer to keep with your needs and habits.  Like anything else in life, your computer suffers from wear and tear and could use a spruce up every once in awhile.

We may overlook small issues that arise and continue to neglect these warning signs until a much bigger, unavoidable problem occurs and puts us in our place.  By this time it can be too late to fix.  Before you reach this point, take a look at some signs that your computer might just need professional services…

LOUD – Your fan might start spinning a bit faster than usual causing an increase in noise.  This can be a few things such as inadequate airflow, dust obstructions or even malicious and malfunctioning software causing undue system load.

HOT – Normally seen in laptop usage, your computer will heat up due to airflow obstruction or even the issues listed above in “Loud”.

GRINDING, CLICKING, SCRAPING – You are probably aware that these noises didn’t come with your computer when you first purchased it.  They are indicative of severe issues such as fan bearings grinding or your hard disk failing.  This is critical since your data is stored on this device.  When you hear such noises, immediately power down the computer and bring it to a technician experienced with data recovery services.

BLUE SCREENS – No one wants to see a blue screen on their computer.  This is usually a sign of faulty hardware or outdated drivers and regular use programs.  Ignoring the issue can result in productivity and data loss.  It’s not a normal thing so have it looked at as fast as possible.  Lock ups are a similar situation to blue screens.

RESTARTS OR HARD TO TURN ON – Ever leave a window up and it’s gone when you return?  Random restarts aren’t typical and need a hardware diagnostic.  Pressing the power button more than once to get your computer to turn on also isn’t typical.  If not fixed, a defective power supply can fry your motherboard or CPU.

STARTUP ERROR CODES – Your hard drive will often alert you to impending failures but you may not notice.  It happens to flash very quickly on start up.  This is a sign that your computer needs the care of a professional.

When you notice an issue, like those listed above, occurring, contact your local computer repair service.  It’s best to get a diagnostic report run and to stop issues before they cause massive problems like lose all of your data.  Your computer is asking for your help and will definitely let you know that it doesn’t feel well.  All you need to do is pay attention and seek professional help when necessary to get your systems back on track.

To have your computer cleaned from a virus or to ask about virus protection, please contact KOMPUTERY Computer Repair today!

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