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How to spot a computer virus

Your computer is running slower than usual or experiencing unidentified errors? Be careful – it may be infected with malware.


Malware can do a lot of damage to your computer, e.g. by grabbing your personal data and files or leading to a complete crush of the device. Do you know how to recognize a virus in your computer?

Below, we have compiled a list of the most common signals that you should not underestimate. These include what they are:

  • Your computer is slowing down visibly,
  • Pop-up windows,
  • Access to disk / computer is denied,
  • Self-launching programs,
  • Changes on the home page,
  • Antivirus pause.

These are just some examples of signals that may appear if a virus is present on your computer. If you have noticed any of the above symptoms, seek the help of a specialist, who will help you diagnose the problem effectively. Do not wait for the condition of your device to deteriorate and use the help of experts. Contact us – computer repair is our specialty.


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